radio silence

So I took a slight unintended break from the blog, from the internet. I took the time to enjoy what short moments I get to spend with my sister and spent time reflecting on this here space and what I want from it, amongst other things.

It's been good to have a break. But after a very busy few days returning from Spain I've been pulled back, albeit briefly, to check in and say hello!

Since my return the weather has been glorious, gradually acclimatising us to the Great British Summer (however long that may last) and recalling memories of summers past.

Every year we have visited the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, and I hope to keep this tradition afloat (see what I did there?) but for now I thought I would share some photographs from our visit last year whilst I take the time to enjoy my family being back together again this weekend and enjoy the sunshine. Hope you have a good one too!