book love

Theo and I were having a quiet little reading session the other day and he pulled out this book that was tucked away on the bookshelf. Handed down from my mum it was a favourite of mine when I was young...can't think of why!

Anyway, other than clearly liking the sound of my own name I think I liked it for lots of different reasons, and why I still like it now.

Firstly the main character (can I call her the protagonist?!) is not your typical "girl". She's got wild black hair, just wears a t-shirt and a swimsuit and there's nothing frilly or overly girly about her. Not that looks are all that matter!

At her visit to the beach the story follows Abigail as she sets her imagination to work. She has a strong character, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself or speak her mind. And her dad encourages her.

I remember really liking her as a child, and now as an adult I like her even more. I think it's important that she isn't portrayed as a weak, shy girl who just wants to play with dolls, but a strong adventurous child who isn't afraid to stand up for herself and interact with her environment.

I know that all girls aren't stereotypically girly, and that I have made a huge generalisation, but sometimes it's encouraging and a relief to see stories about girls without a shade of pink anywhere...