learning to ride

On Fathers day, after a long hot day spent in the centre of town my Dad stopped by for a surprise visit. We spent some time in the garden playing with the hose and water gun then decided to head out for some dinner. I managed to find this little bike for Theo for £20 just before his birthday, and even though he was excited about the prospect of a bike he wasn't quite ready for it, and gave up easily. But like most things, we left it for a few months and suddenly he had a mastered it a little more. 

We slowly made our way to the cafe for dinner, with my dad half pushing and us all shouting encouragement as Theo slowly pushed the pedals forward, used the brakes and steered his way along. It was a very sweet moment to witness, and bought me back to my own childhood of learning to ride my own small bike. 

Here's a short little video!