montessori field trip

Whilst we were in Barcelona we tried to keep up our Montessori activities, knowing that Theo was missing nursery for a week or two. We did a few things at home, but then discovered a great museum not far from my sisters that provided us with a perfect little Montessori field trip. 

Museu Blau is a natural history museum, which exhibits the journey of the creation of earth, including dinosaurs, geology and plant and animal species. It's a fascinating museum, and really good value! Its dark, cool cave like rooms are a welcome break from the bright Barcelona sun outside. 

We were lucky enough to be able to catch a temporary exhibition which allowed children (and us!) a chance to handle and explore lots of different materials of natural science. Theo was in his element exploring bones, rocks, seeds, x-rays and using a microscope. It was a perfect sensory and science based activity!