Postcards from Barcelona (4)

The second half of our unplanned afternoon led us through the cool back streets of El Born. We've spent hours circling these streets before, and yet it's still something I will always enjoy. Pushing a sleeping toddler we peered down alleyways, noticed new shops and cafes along the way, we marvelled at the unchanged streets and the evidence of people everywhere. 

For all my love of the countryside, cities always draw me in and intrigue me. All the people living their separate lives, literally on top of each other, creating their own stories which weave in and out of their neighbours windows, sharing alleyways and the sunlight that filters through. Each area holds its secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered, changed and challenged through new generations. The history that may have unfolded on those very same streets fascinates me, and all of the changes that have yet to happen, witnessed by all those people who choose to call it home. Barcelona is a fine example of this city life with so much history packed between its walls and the wide range of people marking their place and telling their own stories. 

It is a place to sit back and people watch, and that's how we spent the afternoon. Talking, walking and watching. When Theo eventually woke up, for his naps were long and late whilst on holiday, we retraced our steps to a good looking ice cream place and sat in the square bustling with people to enjoy them. With our tummies still rumbling we headed to an old favourite Pim Pam for a little burger treat. As the evening slowly drew in we headed home, satisfied from our unplanned afternoon spent in the best way possible.

Barcelona, you stole a piece of my heart many years ago, and that piece just keeps on growing.