postcards from Scotland 2

After our long journey up the length of the country we spent a lazy morning with family, before heading off to catch a train into the centre of Glasgow. The weather once more was kind and lit up the whole city, matching the optimism and welcome of the place for the Commonwealth games. 

We walked around the bustling centre soaking up the atmosphere. Glasgow is full of absolutely beautiful architecture, it's definitely a place to have to remember to look up in. After a few hours we headed out to quieter parts, to catch a ferry across the Clyde to the amazing Riverside Museum. We spent the rest of the afternoon shading from the sun, pressing buttons, riding on pretend bikes and taking in the impressive structure of the museum itself. We just had time to enjoy and ice cream and some chips sitting on the pop up beach just outside before heading home again.

The next day Rob and I headed into Glasgow early, leaving Theo to play all day with second cousins to his hearts desire. We had tickets to watch the swimming, and took the opportunity to have a little day to ourselves. The venue was out of the city, which gave us yet another glimpse of the beautiful city. The pool was set in a grand park with views stretching back over Glasgow. The swimming itself was great, full of excitement and pride, and great to get swept up in the support for local competitors. 

After the event finished we made our way back into the centre to find somewhere for lunch and stumbled upon a great tapas place. We walked around a little more, before our tired legs and sun warmed skin made us retreat back home for an evening with a house filled with people. 

Glasgow, you were beautiful, and even though I have only visited twice, we are determined to return once more to spend a little more time exploring!