Postcards from Scotland 3

So much Scotland still to come. I've been slow, non-existent, once more on this blog. Illness and no free time has kept me from updating, even though there are thoughts, ideas and a huge amount of photographs, stories and memories I want to share, finding the time to commit and write them out is increasingly tricky. 

I feel as though I kind of want to run away, hide and forget about it all, but here I am once more with excuses. No one is making me write and share but myself, I have no one to answer to, but still I feel guilty. So I'm sorry. 

But back to Scotland, and the most magnificent drive from Glasgow to our holiday cottage, through pouring rain, winding roads and misty hills. We were joined by my sister and Paul for the remainder of our holiday exploring the lochs and hills around us. Even though the weather was a shock from the previous months of sunshine we weren't disappointed as it made for some spectacular scenery. It was good. I long to go back!