Postcards from Scotland

We set off for Scotland with the morning already warmed from the early sun, set to cover nearly 400 miles in one day. We loaded the car with belongings, snacks and stories with a broken fan and no air conditioning. 

As we drove the long roads up our beautiful country the sun shone over the rolling countryside that eventually turned into dales and peaks. Theo dozed in the car as we passed cities and towns, forests and parks. 

The further North we travelled the more excited we became to see signs to cities so well known but that we have yet to visit. We made a mental list and promise to return to explore and stay at beckoning places such as Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester. I would happily drive up the big open roads again, and journey across the country to visit these places. First on our list is Newcastle, we know so little about this city but would happily stay in one of Newcastle's Travelodges as a base to explore this great city. 

After a few hours of driving we decided to stop once we reached the Lake district, after being teased by the unfurling landscape. We stopped at a National Trust at the edge of the National Park, had a picnic by the waters edge and cooled off with ice cream. After a lounge and a game of hide and seek or two we headed back on the road for the final stretch to Scotland. The roads were wide and empty and driving them became a pleasure as we were all kept silent by the beautiful views rushing by. 

We eventually made it, hot, tired and just a bit sweaty to family in Glasgow, which would be our base for city exploring for the next few days. 

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