thirty - one / fifty - two

So I've officially given up trying to even bother choosing one picture, and I kind of like having a selection that show different moments in the week, and the places we ventured to. 

A few photographs from our week exploring the wilds of Scotland, paddling bravely in Lochs, exploring great forests and gardens and breathing the fresh air deep into our lungs. 

So as of this week, I'm back! I finally feel ready to take the plunge back into blog land and rescue this little space from the murky deep from where it lay resting. There's so much to share and write about, and I need to use this space to keep me inspired. It's been great taking the time away from it, as more and more it became a chore and not a treat to keep writing posts. I aim to keep up my regular(ish!) features of my treasure hunting finds, some montessori inspired activities and our weekly family jaunts around Bristol. There's so much to share about our big house move and renovation, our trip to Scotland and more exciting things coming up! So if there's any of you still here reading this, then a big thank you, and I promise to be a little more exciting very soon.