thirty - two / fifty - two

 - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014 -

So I know I've already posted this photograph over on my instagram, but I just couldn't resist sharing it here too. Since our return from holiday my dear friend welcomed her daughter into the world and we were lucky enough to meet her at the weekend. Theo gave her strokes and attention in between running around with her brother, but right before they were due to leave he asked for a proper cuddle with the baby. I love his sweet gaze at her and his tender little hands stroking her face! It might be making me ever so slightly broody?!

Since getting back, I thought I would be back to blogging, but as always it takes longer to settle than I anticipate so once again it's been quiet here! I've got a few posts that I want to write this week before our weekend at Greenman festival, the fingers crossed we will be back to normal! But jeez, August you need to slow down a little...