Greenman two

So things are slow, some by choice some by circumstance. I think I'm just going to embrace it and move on, at some point I will return more regularly, and with things other than photographs from our Summer adventures. But for now, here's the second instalment from our time at Greenman. 

I took a lot, a lot, of photographs, mainly because that's what I was there to do but also because its hard not to capture the magic of this festival. In previous years the weather has turned the green estate into muddy fields, with little or no places to sit but thankfully we were blessed with good weather for our first festival foray with a child. The thing I love about Greenman is that there's so much going, so much to see and do, but also so much time to not do. There's wide open spaces to walk or take a rest, little hidden clusters of trees and hills around the lake to escape to and it's not unheard of to find someone sat beneath canopy of a tree, leaning against the trunk reading a book. I love that there's no pressure to see and do it all, it's a holiday and you can choose how you use it. 

As the festival is fairly small its hard to not get a glimpse of music, even if you have no bands you particularly want to see its easy to wander past and through an act that take your fancy, stay a while and then move on. Apart from the music, and where we spent lots of our time, is the wonderful Einstiens garden. I wouldn't say this area is just for kids, even though it's perfectly accommodated to them, its a place for adults too to get lost in science! We stumbled upon stands making geometric bubbles, looked at the sun through a telescope, visited a butterfly tent, made our own stent for heart surgery with resin, cycled to power mobile phone charging, played on an array of musical instruments and made sea creatures from junk. And so much more in between!  

Theo's imagination and curiosity was certainly entertained, and it's given me some great ideas to practice at home. (I will return one day with more Montessori activities I swear!)