Montessori at home

So, guess what's back! After a long spell of no posting I thought I'd better give myself a kick up the bum and remind myself why I like to blog and what my favourite things to post about are. So of course, my montessori post's were the first thing I thought to bring back, mainly because they motivate me to actually do things with our mornings. But to ease us back in gently I thought we'd try this easy and fun task of making our own marble run/maze.

All you need is a cardboard box or shoe box lid etc (an old cereal box would do the trick!), some lolly pop sticks and some glue! We didn't really have a plan in mind of where to stick the sticks, but perhaps if we made any more a template would be a good idea, but I kind of liked making it up as we went along! 
Theo dipped the long edge into the glue and we placed it in the box together, we also broke some in half to give us different lengths. Then we left it to dry, and this requires quite a lot of patience! An hour or so later we were ready to play!

It was great to teach Theo how to use movement and control to make the marbles travel in the right way, and above all good fun!