Our favourite apps

As the weather becomes wetter and the evenings darker it inevitably means that we are spending more time inside. And apart from playing, reading and crafting together it also means that more time will probably be spent on the ipad for entertainment. We try and limit Theo's screen time daily, and also make sure he's playing educational games if he is on it, so I thought I'd do a little round up of apps we're loving at the moment, and some new ones that have caught my eye and can't wait to try! 

I actually really like sitting and using apps with Theo, guiding him through them and watching him learn. I know there's a lot of bad press about screen time, but I do think I can be really beneficial, if used in moderation and used for the right things. I also love the new 'family sharing' feature of iOS 8, and the iPhone 6 , meaning that we can share our favourite apps over all of our devices!

So anyway, Theo is very into counting at the moment so I've been on the look out for ones that will help him with that. 

Firstly is the Endless Numbers app, from the creators of our favourite Endless Alphabet 

It follows the same principles as the alphabet game, dragging the digit to its shape, but then in the video it includes simple math equations. I'm hoping it will really help Theo grasp basic maths and counting skills. 

A new discovery, I love the graphics of this app and can't wait to test it out with Theo. Also the ABC version looks tempting! 

This beautiful looking app is based on the book of the same name and includes 15 mini games playing with sound and shapes!

My sister introduced us to the genius that is Drawminal over the summer and we then discovered Miximal in the process. Drawnimal encourages the child (and adults!) to use a pen and paper to bring animals to life. Theo isn't massively into drawing, so anything that encourages him is great in our book. It also helps with the alphabet, win! Miximal is a brillant app that mixes up different parts of animals, and their names. 

Following on from the animals I can't wait to try out this amazing looking app where you can 'pet' the animals to make them to funny tricks, I know Theo will love it! 

This app just looks amazing, the illustrations, the story and the message. This is definitely one which will require my help, but I can't wait to read the story and interact with the app with Theo. 

This is a collaborative post, but all words are my own!