Postcards from Scotland 6

So I thought it was time for another instalment of photographs from our Scottish adventure back in July. After we spent a long day out at the beach and climbing hills we decided to take it easy for the next few days, spending time in the cottage baking and hiding from the downpours. We played boardgames in the evenings and planned our activities. 

We decided that, even though the scenery is certainly entertaining enough, that we wanted to do a little bit of exploring of the towns and some attractions. We drove around the peninsula towards a little town of Inveraray to visit the jailhouse. The town is a little more geared towards tourists than previous places we'd visited, but after all we were on holiday and we can't say no to a bit of historical reenactment. It was fun, Theo got locked up and whipped on a table, the usual. After our trip to jail we walked around the town, dodging the rain and stopping to look in the shops lining the small high street. It was fun for a rainy day in Scotland. 

The next day we visited a local arboretum, which as can be expected was beautiful. We wandered around the trails taking in the scenery and climbing trees. Just what you'd expect. The days went quickly, and suddenly we were nearing the end of our time in Scotland. I don't think anyone wanted to leave, and we were going to make the most out of our last day in this beautiful part of the world.