A family walk around Wells

On Saturday we decided to leave Bristol behind and travelled through the mist encapsulated Somerset countryside to the small city of Wells. More like the bustling market town of my childhood than the city I now reside in, save for the giant cathedral. 

As we reached more populated areas the mist lifted and we were treated to that glorious late Autumn sunshine, cutting through buildings, peaking over tree tops with a milky blue sky above. We joined the Saturday crowds as we browsed charity shops, stopping for freshly baked pastries and steaming coffee on the edge of the market. After exploring the markets with an abundance of fresh produce and wares we walked to the riverside and through the old cloisters of the great cathedral. We played and collected leaves beneath the giant plane tree before making our way back through the old streets and onwards to home as the sun started to dip behind the rows of houses. 

It was refreshing to visit somewhere new and unknown, to discover the shops and leaving wanting to return soon to find more!