Shelf life

So I may have mentioned quite a few times with all this house stuff about putting up shelves. I've become shelf obsessed. I feel like shelfs in a home are where you can show your personality, and tell a story of your life. My favourite ones contains favourite books, pictures, heirlooms, found objects, plants and collections. I love objects that tell stories, and I love the fact you can display those stories on your walls. 

I love clutter, but it has to be organised, when shelves become dumping grounds it really tends to wind me up! Everything has to have its place, but it doesn't have to be perfect! A little like organised clutter. I love that objects and style can change as the seasons come and go, as the family grows and changes and tastes develop. So basically I've got big plans for our shelves, they're coming along nicely, but I always love a bit of inspiration! 

So that's about it...just thought you needed to know about my shelf obsession. 

All of these images were found via pinterest