Christmas tree o' Christmas tree

So its officially Christmas here, and yes that means that Theo finally got his chocolate coin. 

Over the years we've not really developed a Christmas tree tradition. Our very first Christmas together before Theo arrived we bought a real tree locally and it adorned the corner of our flat making our little home seem cosy and grown up, ready for the impending arrival of Theo. A year later with an inquisitive, mobile almost one year old and a kitten, we decided that real was probably asking for trouble and opted for an artificial tree. I'm glad we did, we lost count of how many times it "fell" ( got knocked/pushed/pulled) over in the first few days. The artificial tree lasted us a few years before it started to look a bit tired (as it was from my childhood!) and last year we opted for a real tree once more this time with roots with the intention of making it last for the next few years. As with most of these things we didn't exactly see our plan through, and even though we managed to keep it alive through the hot summer, we planted it in our garden and then moved house. Whoops. So when Pines and Needles offered us a tree for Christmas I jumped at the chance. 

As much as my whimsical view of christmas would have us visiting the forest or at least a farm to cut down our own tree and haul it back home through romantic swirls of snow, its not really going to happen. I spent quite a long time denying that Christmas was just around the corner, and shouldn't start until December that I sort of forgot that actually doing all the nice christmassy things needs time and planning. There are only three weekends before 'the big event' to see family and prepare and going to get a tree just wasn't factored into that! So the thought of having a real christmas tree delivered to our door was very appealing. We opted for a four foot option as our front room is pretty small, and after some minor stresses I managed to squeeze it in (I considered getting a quote for an extension). The tree itself is a beautiful Nordmann fir, with thick needles emitting that fresh real tree aroma. We dialled the radio to non-stop christmas music and set about decorating! 

I'm also finally excited to bust out my christmas collection of Lush soaps as well as this giant teddy who's been kept hidden from certain little hands.