Pizza, trains and Whiteladies Road

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whiteladies road bristol spring better food company
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bosco pizza whiteladies road bristol whiteladies road bristol
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bosco pizza whiteladies road bristol
bosco pizza whiteladies road bristol
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bosco pizza whiteladies road bristol
bosco pizza whiteladies road bristol
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Sometimes we have to pick up missed packages from our (not so local) delivery office which takes us by the (again not so local) train station. As exciting as this is, more often than not we don't have time before nursery to actually ride the train, and just have to settle for watching them pass from the bridge. (Really need to have a mini adventure like this again!) 

So to appease some whinging I promised a trip on the trains too, and not one for wanting to forget promises a few days later, with some visiting friends, we planned a little trip based around the train journey. We didn't go far, just two stops on the little intercity line, but it was enough (for now!) 

We took the train from Montpelier to Clifton Down, our old hunting ground. Our main aim was for lunch and we headed up Whiteladies Road to the wonderful Bosco Pizzeria, for yep, you guessed it - Pizza! 

This was our second visit, but the first with Theo. Rob and I had a lovely meal there for our anniversary, and we were keen to come back and be reminded of why we loved it! Plus they do kids pizza's from £3.50, so it would be a crime not to right? It was busy with groups of people and families (always a good sign) and we were seated right at the pizza making station bar, meaning we got a first hand view at ours and other people's pizzas being made - and man did it make us hungry! Needless to say we ordered our pizzas quickly from the simple, yet immensely appetising menu. I went for the perfect for me Carciofi, with artichoke and olives. Rob opted for a meat feast with the Bosco Carne and Theo had a simple baby bosco with added olives (at his request!) 

We watched them being made and came quickly, much to our relief! Watching them being made makes you seriously hungry! Needless to say they were as good as we remembered, and Theo finished his off! 

We decided to walk off the pizza up the rest of Whiteladies road, stopping in charity shops and the ever amazing cooking shop. We made our way back to the train station and home for a tea before waving our friends off and settling in for the evening. 

A lovely way to spend a Saturday, if you ask me! 

On Sunday we ventured into the centre to use our newly acquired @bristol membership, which of course involved a walk around the docks before the bitter cold got the better of us. 

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@bristol millenium square bristol
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@bristol millenium square bristol
@bristol millenium square bristol