seven / fifty - two

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This week has been a funny one once more. After our previous week of mundane routine we made a few more plans and pushed to get out the house a little more, which was all well and good, except for the fact I've been really struggling to deal with changes in his behaviour and mood. It's like a constant up and down over here, one minute I'm marvelling at the boy and his abilities, his confidence and his kindness and the next I'm wringing my hands in despair at the attitude and defiance being displayed. 

We had a mini break to Devon this weekend to try and help break the routine, and it certainly gave me some perspective on things. This week is half term and as we're going to spend more time together than usual I'm going to try and be a little more understanding and patient (good luck!) 

I will share a little more on both those topics later on this week, hopefully! 

p.s I was honoured to be featured by Jodi this week, it gave me a little rush when I clicked to see this weeks pictures only to see a familiar face looking back at me!