Postcards from London: Kew Gardens

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So this is a long one, and a late one. As I mentioned yesterday (was it only yesterday?!) these past two weeks have just run away and I feel like I've not achieved much and as always when things get a bit too hectic this blog is the first thing to give. It does take up quite a lot of my time and requires lots of effort (not to mention putting time into reading other peoples blogs, social media etc) but I still enjoy it, and increasingly enjoy the photography side, and have started to dabble in video making too!

But back to London, we had a full packed weekend of plans and various meet ups, courses and fun. We decided to drive up early on Saturday morning and decided to stop off at the wonderful Kew Gardens. I've wanted to go for a long while and thought it would be the perfect start to our busy weekend and I was right. Even though we were there for a good few hours I feel like we only saw about 10% of it, we didn't even make it to the glass houses! The weather was a lot colder than we anticipated, but still we enjoyed walking through the glorious magnolia orchards admiring the blooms. The whole place was so calm and full of beautiful bird song that its easy to forget that you're on the edge of London. Theo of course enjoyed the log trail, keeping up with his current obsession. We spent a good amount of time just walking round admiring the beautiful trees, spotting the wildlife and relishing in the open space.

It's one of those places we definitely want to come to once the weather is warmer, and spend the whole day properly exploring!

But time to brace yourself, there's lots of photographs, obviously.

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