Project love yourself : beauty

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So I while ago, I think perhaps at new year, in fact maybe it was my new year resolution, I decided that this year I would start my taking better care of myself, and to cut myself some slack and to love myself a little more. Now I don't mean just give up and become lazy, but I mean not to think so negatively of myself or put myself down quite so much. I do this with both with my appearance and I guess my personality and ambition. I have huge self doubt about my abilities and lack the confidence I guess to push myself to succeed.

I've always been a middle of the board type of person, just sailing along quite happily in the medium. The only thing I've ever really excelled at is athletics and especially sprinting in my teenage years, but alas that sort of fell to the side when I started college (which I still regret to this day!) The same could be said for now, and with blogging. I've seen others who have started their blogs at similar times or way after mine, shoot up and make it 'big' in the blogging world whilst I remain at the same level still bumbling along, whilst I constantly have conflicting thoughts on what I want my blog to be (and perhaps that's why I've not pushed it) but I guess it's hard not to compare yourself in this world. I just feel that sometimes I lack the ambition and a lot of the time I lack the self belief. This is why I wanted to start this project, to look at the things that I can do, and to look at the things I love and enjoy and what things just make me feel a little better about myself. Hopefully as this project goes on I will share things such as exercise, food, products and things that help me feel better in myself and inspire me! If anyone ever wanted to join in and share their inspirations then I would love that! 

So I thought I would start with beauty, because as shallow as it sounds looking good in yourself really does help your self confidence. I know if i'm having a bad breakout or feeling stressed, being able to use your favourite products does seem to lift my mood. So here are a few that I love at the moment:

1: Lush facemasks and bubble bars, will always be a firm favourite if I need to have a little pampering and pick me up at home.

2: Mac lipsticks, I'm obsessed, and my two current lustings are Flat out fabulous and Ruby woo. I feel if I'm having a bit of a crap day, or can't find something to wear, sometimes just putting on your favourite lipstick can totally lift your mood and brighten your face! 

3: I've found my perfect foundation, for days when I want a bit more coverage than my tinted moisturiser, but still light enough to not feel like its caked on. This Rimmel lasting finish has a lovely soft glow and really good coverage! I'm also in love with this peachy dream nail varnish from the Rita Ora collection. Once again these just seem to help me feel a little better about my appearance! 

4: More make up, but my sister recommended the new benefit Roller Lash mascara and I'm in love, it's much lighter than my previous 'they're real' mascara, not clumpy at all and gives a lovely curl! A true staple too is the Gimme Brow that really easily gives my brows a little more definition. 

5: Finally I've been testing out some more Green people products, and I'm in love with this cleanser, moisturiser and serum combination. My skin feels clear and really smooth and I love that they are really gentle and mostly organic natural products. Even if the make up I'm using isn't as great at least I know that when it comes to cleansing and looking after my skin I'm putting the best stuff on it!