Just the three of us

So this may well be the last photo of the three of us. To be fair I'm pretty sure its only one of a handful of photos of us as a three as I'm usually the one behind the camera...and my god I hate being in front of it! But on Boxing day around Rob's parents we had a little photo session of the family so of course it was a great opportunity to get a proper photograph of us all together. I'm much more a fan of the candid shot, and my face seemed to ruin most of the shots but we managed to get one or two...

 But then looking back on them it hit me, in a week or two our family is going to be changed forever. I know that lots of people say that once the new baby arrives you can't remember what it was ever like before they were there but I just feel like it's been so long, just the three of us. For nearly five years we've watched Theo grow into the boy he is today, and whilst technically our family hasn't grown in size, it's grown in so many ways. We've navigated being young parents with not much to our name, no experience of family life or friends in similar situations. We've got married, we managed (with help!) to buy our first home all the while juggling everything that life and parenthood throws at you. I'd say we've been pretty lucky so far, with lots of support from family and friends. We've been on some great adventures and had some great opportunities, been in good health and I hope have given Theo a lovely childhood so far. One which will shape him as he continues to grow and learn and adapt to the world around him.

For me that's the most important thing, the one central thing that has kept us going. Yes it would be nice to afford more things, have more and do more, but in reality I'm so thankful for what we have. Our health and our love that has enabled us to bring Theo into this world and nurture him and hopefully provide him with a beautiful childhood. So he continues to be able to be the happy and free child that he is, where he know's he is loved. I wouldn't change any of it. And now it comes to adding to that, with the baby that has already changed so much. Who we already love and are getting pretty impatient to meet. I know he will slot into our family and make his own space, but it's just so hard to imagine the future right now. When we're out as a family I keep on trying to picture how the situation will look when there's a baby in tow. How we will deal with this or that challenge as they arise and having to split our attention between two children. I know the future is always unknown, and thoughts like this are normal for anyone about to have a second child but somehow it all just seems to unknown still. It's a waiting and guessing game to see how it all unfolds and somehow we've just got to go along with it all.

 So I'm excited, apprehensive, impatient, full of hope and also a little nostalgic about what is about to change forever. I can't wait to see in a way how the rest of our story is going to be written, what the chapters we will look back on in a few months or years and question how we really managed it all. But that's the best part of life isn't it? The unknown and unforeseen events, testing you, teaching you and hopefully making you into a better person.

 I made a little flipagram of our last year and I do love it so!