Theo's hospital entertainment

It's been four weeks since we've been travelling back and forth to hospital everyday, and even though Theo doesn't visit every day we've put together a little activity bag for him whilst he's there, because let's face it, hospitals are pretty boring for children after about the first half an hour.

Theo does love to look at and hold Rohan, but for a five year old that can only be entertaining for so long. There is a tv in our ward, but with all the other noises and commotion going on it can sometimes get too much to have it on too, as well as not wanting to just let him sit in front of it for ages! So we made a little collection of items to bring in and a keep at hospital to keep him entertained. It's mainly books and activities, to do together to keep him occupied and quiet! 

My sister bought these Stickyscapes books for Christmas after Theo got pretty obsessed with cities and landmarks (thanks Go jetters!) and he loves adding all the stickers to the pull out scenes. She also bought Theo a subscription for Toucan boxes, a subscription service that delivers craft and activity packs which are perfect for Theo. He's never been one to sit and colour, but these activities are just the right amount for him to do without getting bored. My other sister also bought some lovely books for Theo for Christmas, including this One Thousand Things book. We've loved looking through it and talking about all the different things included.

I also printed out a few activity sheets for Theo to do, from Disney Marvel kids, which are great as Theo loves doing mazes and word searches, especially if they are about super heros. We've let him have a little play with the games too, and these are definitely something he loves! We also received this beautiful Cut and colour the seasons book which I can't wait to get stuck into with Theo and create the seasonal scenes. Finally we have one of Theo's christmas presents, a Where's Wookiee book, bringing together his love of all things Star Wars and Where's Wally! He loves searching the pages for his favourite characters and looking for all the hidden extras, it definitely keeps him entertained for a good while.