A family walk: Mother's day

So it was my first Mother's day as a mother of two. For the past few years we've ventured to Wales to celebrate with my friend and her little boy and go on a lovely Spring walk around St.Fagans. We were all set to go but last minute train problems stopped our plans so we made a last minute decision to visit Prior Park in Bath instead. It was a nice little unexpected alternative and actually good to discover somewhere new to explore. The weather was bitingly cold with the sky heavy and little flurries of snow occasionally, but it was worth it for the views as we climbed to the top of the park and the fresh air to blow out the cobwebs.

Our Mother's day celebrations weren't that grand, but they were loving, which is all that matters. I got a homemade card from Theo, a tray of chocolates and some Lush bath bombs, but mainly I was thankful to be able to spend the day out with both my children. That and a lie in!