A family walk: Clevedon

A crisp winters day in the quiet between Christmas and New year. Rob was back at work, we were all recovering from illness and moving but there was an itch to get out into the sun and explore. We've been to Clevedon many times before, but now we live even closer we didn't want to miss this chance and weather. We strolled along the front with many other people and made our way onto the beach, Rohan sat on the stones whilst we watched Theo leap from one rock to another and throwing pebbles into the pools with a satisfying plop! The sea was as far out as I had ever seen it and we ran down ramp right to the end. The water was so still and calm, the freezing colours of silver, blue and purple all around us.

We then took ourselves to a cafe to warm up with hot chocolate and lunch and Theo got his reward of an ice cream for being so well behaved. It was one of those days where it just worked, we had fun and I felt like a super women.