A family walk: Killerton National Trust

 So I'm going to try and be a little more up to date with my post's, as often I have adventures sitting there waiting to be shared but then too much time goes past and I forget and then it feels like it's the wrong time to share. Too much else is going on though to be consistent, but I find it nice to be able to look back in a year or two at what we were doing and how we all looked. Recently thanks to the memories function on facebook popping up daily reminders of what we were doing one, two, three etc years ago it's made me even more want to capture our days now, as they happen. There's something magical in looking back, the shock of how much the children have grown and changed, old outfits which send you searching through under the bed boxes to hunt them out and retrieve them to relive them again. Important milestones too, most of last year the little steps and victories we had with Rohan, how his first year was laid out and all that we went through. I love being able to look back and remember it all.

On our way back from Devon on Easter Monday we decided that instead of just driving all the way back, we'd stop along the way and make the most of the time we had together before our busy week before Rowie's surgery. We'd passed the signs off the motorway many times for a National Trust, but had never really thought to stop as the journey isn't too long so it we never feel we have to stop. Sometimes you get so caught up in getting from A to B that you miss the bits in between (wow isn't that a metaphor for life?!) So we stopped. They were holding an egg hunt for Easter which led us on a trail around the beautiful gardens that were full of blooming Rhododendrons, Magnolias and Camellias. We stopped many times to admire the colours and heavy laden trees and smell the sweet scents. The sun eventually came out too and Theo spent a long time rolling down the gentle sloped lawns and making new friends. We of course stopped for cream tea (a National Trust must-do) before we made our way back to the car, glad for the long gentle walk and fresh air.