Rohan's birthday

So it's been just over a week since we celebrated this little one turning two. I wrote a little about how I was feeling about it a few posts back, but to be honest life has been so full on since returning back to normal after the holidays that I feel like I've not had chance to give it all much thought. I really do need to do that update though before all the things that has happened in the last 6 months (since the last update...eeek!) starts fading from my memory. But on this post I just wanted to focus on the day of his birthday itself.

It's a bit of a terrible time to have a birthday if I'm honest. Everyone is tired and a bit broke after Christmas and the weather isn't exactly always appealing. Which is why we always want to make some sort of effort for Rohan's birthday. Last year though, on his first, I think we were all just a bit shell shocked that it was actually his first birthday that we didn't really do much. I feel bad, but actually he didn't know it was any different from the previous day and I just don't think we were ready to acknowledge that it was actually his birthday. This year his understanding isn't exactly much better, and if Christmas was anything to go by he doesn't really care for presents or that many new things. It's taken him a little while to warm up to his new toys, but what he does have he likes. In fact we didn't actually give him anything on his birthday, he had some presents left over for Christmas that we kept aside because otherwise it was all a bit too overwhelming, and actually he doesn't need or want anything now so I'm going to save it for something else later in the year (I did actually get him a few little toys in a charity shop a few days before, so I guess that might count?!) but we did want to do something special for his actual day.

We had to have a little think for an activity we could all do, but wouldn't involve Rohan just being in his pushchair and being wheeled around all day, we also didn't really fancy a Sunday at a soft play so we decided to go swimming as a family. Rohan loves being in the water but I feel making the effort to all go together is something we definitely don't do (not since our holiday in August!) I'm so glad we decided to go as it was really lovely and I think Rohan really enjoyed having us altogether, as well as Theo enjoying himself too. After our swim we headed to the beach in Clevedon for a walk and some lunch, before enjoying the beautiful sunset. It was pretty chilly and windy, but we managed a little sit on the beach before the cold got the better of us. So it was perfect, chilled out and just us as a family.

Here's a video of the day too!