Snow day!

I thought I had better get round to sharing a few pictures from when the beast from the east hit before Spring weaves it's way in and everything is looking green and fresh and the snow is long gone. 

It was romantic to see the snow falling non-stop, filling our world with white in an area that hardly gets transformed like this. There were whoops of joy from the street outside when the children got turned away at the school gates on Thursday morning. When the snow eased a little we ventured out to the village shops (a post office with essentials and a pharmacy) to stock up a little as you know, we're British and like to panic. But thankfully we did as the next day it was all gone! Rob was working from home anyway like normal, so we had nowhere to go and nothing to do other than enjoy the snow. But in actual fact, other than a few little runs around the garden, the wind was too strong and the temperature way too cold to enjoy it for long so we snuggled inside. Whilst Rohan napped Theo and I did some science experiments and then we all watched a movie together before our local pub was calling to us for open fires, homemade chips and a pint of guiness! We felt like true artic explorers, bravely battling the drifts and blizzard to get there.

Friday was the true snow day, and we dragged Rob away from his work for a little while to go sledging. There was no need to worry about where to go, we just had to follow the steady stream of people trekking up the hill pulling all sorts of sleds and homemade contraptions. We greeted classmates and people from the village before making our way up the top of the slope. This really is the best place we've ever been able to go sledging (to be fair it's not snowed this much in five years!) and it's only 10 minutes walk from our house. But it was amazing to see so many people out enjoying themselves, ourselves included!

Later Theo and I attempted to make a snowman, but after a lot of sweating away and time spent we only managed a meagre snowman. It was completely the wrong type of snow (who knew there was the wrong and right sort of snow to make a snowman!?) and way too powdery to stick together. But we persevered and made the skinniest, most sorrowful snowman you ever did see. Rohan had his first proper experience of snow too, we sat him down in his all in one and he was thoroughly enjoying watching everything going on until Theo put snow down his neck which he didn't really love! But then cue some falling into the snow from Theo and all was ok again, that is until a rogue snowball aimed at Theo hit him on the side of the head and it was game over. Not the best introduction to snow right?!

On Saturday with the snow already starting to melt we made one last trek up the hill for some sledging again, and then back home to make a much better snowman. It literally took about ten minutes after rolling three giant balls up around the garden to have a 6ft snowman whose head didn't cave in as soon as you touched it. 

By Sunday we were all ready to get out the village after being stuck for three days, and the roads seemed a lot clearer, so we got up early and headed into to Bristol and enjoyed the sudden jump up in temperature and the ability to go outside without 36 layers on. So that was that, our snow holiday for 2018!