Mother's Day

So yes, Mother's day was indeed a month ago. But seeing as I've not even opened up this blog it's pretty good progress that it's only a month late. (I'm just ignoring the half written post on Rohan's two year update)

But anyway, that out the way I thought it might be nice to share a few photos from Mother's Day. We didn't plan to do anything or see any of our own Mother's this day, we didn't feel like paying extra than normal to eat a pub roast (and eating out is just a bit stressful at the moment!) and with the exception of spending the day in bed (or in a hotel or spa!) on my own and not seeing my children, I didn't really mind what we did. Which actually turned out to be a great plan, because sometimes when it's a "special occasion" there's this big pressure to do something big, planned and sentimental. There's so much you "should" be buying to celebrate your mother, when actually it doesn't really matter does it? It's also so important to realise that this day can be so so difficult for others for a variety of reasons, that actually sometimes it feels a bit much to shout about how wonderful your mothers day has been and all the unneeded extravagance. I'm happy with a cup of tea in bed, a homemade card and perhaps a bunch of flowers (all of which I did get and was very happy about!)

At the last minute we decided to go somewhere we've not been for a long time, and realised that it's not too far from where we now live. So we headed to Wells for the afternoon. It was forecast to rain later in the day so we didn't really fancy hanging around too long, but after a potter in some shops, a look around the grounds of the cathedral, Theo and I had a mini cafe date whilst Rob walked a tired babe around to sleep. We then walked some more, sat and watched Theo roll down some banks of grass by the Cathedral entrance and then stumbled upon the most idyllic row of cottages you ever did see. And here of course we took it as a photo opportunity and managed to get a few nice portraits of me with my children, and that makes me very happy. Hope you enjoy them!

 (A few of the interesting angled ones were taken by Theo!)