May: Bluebells

 I realised recently that instagram has taken over the way I share bits of my life. I share because I want to record, and make a memory and a diary, but somehow I've lost the urge to blog, the thing that started it all. Looking back there are so many post of when Theo was younger, something which even now I love looking back on, but recently not so much. There are great gaps of time missing and I know in years to come I'll miss and will have forgotten what things looked like at that time. So I want to get back into the habit of recording more than just one moment with just one picture.

I don't mind of no-one really see's it either, because for me that's not what it's all about. I want to have a place to share these memories, because really I always take a lot of photos and then feel guilty that I only really share one or two of them and the rest sort of just end up in a folder on my computer.

I love looking back at what we got up to that year, and to remember my children's faces at this point in time.

So lets look back to May, when the bluebells were out and we made our annual little trip there to record them.