February in Pictures

February, you moved in a blur but actually any step closer to Spring is always good in my book. We spent the month trying to get over illness, avoid hospital (which we did!) and Rob and I even managed to take a trip away for a few days, more to come on that soon! We had a day of snow which meant time off school then we added a very special member to our family - our little puppy Onyx! He's a rescue puppy from Romania and is 5 months old. We're very much in love with him and have spent the weekends taking him to our favourite places for walks and am very much enjoying the fact that he's getting us out the house a little more.

Half term then rolled around pretty quickly, and we were treated to some amazing (if not a little worrying!) warm weather for February, but made the most of it by taking visiting the beach and Avon Valley Adventure Park.