About Me

Hello, my name is Abigail...


I am a photographer, a story teller, a collector and a people watcher.

I've always been a collector. I like to have a little obsession that runs in the background of my everyday, always on the look out but never letting it take over. I've collected many things; snow-globes, old cameras, sparkly and bejewelled 80's tops, playing cards, old written postcards and family photographs. I guess you can say I like things that tell stories. Objects that hold memories and traces of people who I don't know, a secret keeper, a piece of history. I'm curious about the way people live their lives, the people they surround themselves with, where they live and what they do. I love to watch and observe, to notice those small moments or hidden details that can flash by unnoticed.

I too like to tell my own story, and I try and do this through photography. I am collecting memories and all those moments that so quickly fade into one larger fabricated memory. I like details, I like to look back and find that expression or gesture that has now changed into something new. So I guess you can say that is my current obsession. But I've been doing it for a long time.

I studied photography at college and that's where my love for it grew. A reoccurring theme of old objects, memory and capturing moments has always weaved it's way through my work and continued through to my degree in Documentary Photography. I studied people's lives, their everyday routines, their jobs, their homes. I photographed people who chose to live alternative lifestyles, living in tipis and yurts on remote Welsh hillsides and valleys. This is where my love of storytelling became woven into the photographs I was taking. I have always used photography as a way to observe people's habits and relationships. Relationships with their families, surroundings and objects dear to them. To show the ordinary in a new light, to mark a piece of time in history. 

So here I now am, a Mother of two, trying to capture all that life and motherhood throws as me, to tell our story. Now I would like to start collecting memories and telling stories again of other families and people. To observe their everyday lives, capturing those small details and creating memories. 


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