Pay what you can, accessible to all sessions


As a mum myself, I know how important and the value in creating memories and being able to capture moments in time to look back on but I also understand that this comes at a price that might not be realistic for everyone. I also realise that photography sessions may not be as representative of all families, in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms as they could be and I would like to take the opportunity to open this up to all. By offering a pay what you can scheme I’m hoping that it will be down to your discretion to pay what you feel you can afford, with no judgment. As a mother and carer of a child with a disability, I understand that life isn’t always easy and perhaps doesn’t look the way some other families do, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not just as important to capture your family, just as you are.

I want my sessions to be as inclusive and accessible as possible to all families, that’s why I am going to open up a few sessions slots a season where you can pay what you can. These sessions will be open to the following to apply, applications will then be selected at random and notified and then we can continue with the normal booking procedure.

Open to:

Those in receipt of benefits // low income families // single parent families // families with disabled members // families with long term illness // foster families // LGBTQ+ families or individuals // BiPOC families or individuals.

These applications will run on an honesty scheme, and won’t require proof of benefits etc, but as with all my sessions I like to invest in your family and story and get to know you a little before your session so may ask as few questions to find out more about you! I want the applications to be as fair as possible, and open to those who really would like them or would mean the most to them. There will only be a limited amount available, but if you are not selected the first time then you are more than welcome to reapply.

If you feel that perhaps you don’t quite fit into any of these groups, or could possibly afford a full session, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss options of payment plans and find a session to fit your needs.


The session you are applying for is a mini session, worth £100. The session is for 1 hour in a location of your choice and will include 15 images for you to download and keep. If there are any extra images they will be available to purchase at an additional low cost of £2 per image. There is a suggested minimum payment of £20. Please fill out the form below.


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